The exhibition catalog is now available online:

Data Improvisations: VISAP'15 Exhibition Catalog


This year's arts program will include a series of projects installed in the LeRoy Neiman Center at the corner of S. Wabash Avenue and W. Monroe Street. The exhibition will be open to the public from October 16th through October 30th. Fetaured artists include:

Kevin Badni, Seeing Temporal Data

Donna Cox, Solar Superstorms

Benedikt Groß and Joey Lee, Aerial Bold

Haru Ji and Graham Wakefield, Endless Current

Eduardo Kac, Lagoglyph and Lagoogleglyph

Scott Kildall, Bad Data

Ben Ridgway, Inner Space Artifacts

Charlie Roberts, Visual Gibberings

Dan Sandin, Spiral 5 and Particle Dreams

Emilio Vavarella, Memoryscapes

Jo Wood, We Become the City

Rebecca Ruige Xu and Sean Hongsheng Zhai, Agitato

Additional projects will be demonstrated by artists and researchers during the IEEE VISAP exhibition opening on October 27th, including:

Brett Balogh, Anil Camci, Paul Murray, Hoang Minh Huynh Nguyen, Jonathan Helfman, and Angus Forbes, RF

Meng Chih Chiang, A Stranger to Words

Pauline De Chalendar, Samuel Degrande, and Laurent Grisoni, FreeHands

Julie Freeman, We Need Us

Kurt Kaminski, Natural Rejection

Kyungho Lee, Michael Junokas, Shannon Cuykendall, and Yawen Wang, Visual Poetics of Taiko Drumming

Julie Lein, Nina McCurdy, Katharine Coles, and Amanda Hurtado, Deep in Poetry

QianSheng Li, Gershon Dublon, Brian Mayton, and Joseph Paradiso, MarshVis

Shannon McMullen and Fabian Winkler, 20/X

Dietmar Offenhuber and Ars Electornica Futurelab, Sorting Out Cities

Francesca Samsel, Linda Deck, and Bruce Campbell, Climate Prisms: The Arctic

Please see the schedule for times and locations of all VISAP'15 events.