IEEE VIS 2013 Arts Program // Art+Experiment
Atlanta, GA // October 13th-18th, 2013
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VISAP 2014 will be co-located with IEEE VIS 2014 in Paris, France

There is a reciprocal relationship between art and visualization research — New media artists redefine the way that we view science and information, while experts in science, medicine, informatics, and visualization impact art practice through new ideas, technologies, and collaborations. The IEEE VIS 2013 Arts Program, or VISAP, showcases high-quality artwork and research that demonstrates and investigates the exciting and increasingly prominent intersections between art and visualization. Through an art show that runs concurrently with the IEEE 2013 VIS conference and a dedicated papers track, the Arts Program aims to foster new thinking, discussion, and collaboration between artists, designers, technologists, visualization scientists, and others working at the intersection of these fields.

The theme for this year's arts program is Art+Experiment. Visualization research encompasses not only data representation, but also the development of interaction techniques, explorations of display aesthetics, and examinations of applied perception. Increasingly, empirical justification for new visualization techniques is derived through well-designed experiments. And in fact, much recent research is concerned with the creation, implementation, replication, and evaluation of user studies in order to propel the fields of information and scientific visualization. At the same time, the new media arts community is interested in the creative possibilities offered by new technologies and new techniques, but also in developing new methods and presentations to explore and question their cultural meaning and impact.

What does it mean for an art installation to produce experimental results? Could an artwork be expressive, challenging, and conceptual, yet simultaneously rigorous, practical, and empirical? We invite artists and researchers to think about the connections and chasms between art and research, and to explore the nature of experimental design and creative experimentation.

Papers Track: Wednesday October 16th, 2pm-4pm
Art Show Opening: Wednesday October 16th, 6pm-7pm

Art Show Catalog

XEPA, Philip Galanter

Thermal Image, Barry Moon and Hilary Harp

Cloud Bridge, Qian Liu and Yoon Chung Han

TYPE+CODE II, Yeohyun Ahn

TweetProbe, Byungkyu Kang, George Legrady, and Tobias Hollerer

EMC (Emergent Mind of City) 2 and Qualia Landscapes, A.M. & BiKE Lab (EMC 2); Jeong Han Kim (Qualia Landscapes). The A.M. (Art of Mind) artist group is Jeong Han Kim, Hyun Jean Lee, and Jung-Do Kim. The BiKE Lab (Biomedical Knowledge Engineering Lab at Seoul National University) is Hong-Gee Kim and Jin Hyun Ahn.


Spirograph Designs, Ye Lin and Romain Vuillemot

Salton Sea Revisited, Xarene Eskandar

Time Giver, Yuan-Yi Fan, F. Myles Sciotto and JoAnn Kuchera-Morin

Program + Papers

Art+Experiment: Introducing the IEEE VIS 2013 Arts Program, Angus Forbes and Lauren Thorson

DataRemix: Designing The Datamade Through ArtScience Collaboration, Ruth West, Roger Malina, John Lewis, Scot Gresham-Lancaster, Alejandro Borsani, Brian Merlo, and Lifan Wang

XEPA: Intelligent Sculptures as Experimental Platforms for Computational Aesthetic Evaluation, Philip Galanter

Medieval Information Visualization, Francis T. Marchese

Parallel-Coordinates Art, Julian Heinrich and Daniel Weiskopf

TweetProbe: A Real-Time Microblog Stream Visualization Framework, Byungkyu Kang, George Legrady, and Tobias Hollerer

Spirograph Designs for Ambient Display of Tweets, Ye Lin and Romain Vuillemot

Art - Science - Visualization Collaborations: Examining the Spectrum, Francesca Samsel

Art and Science as Creative Catalysts, Eleanor Gates-Stuart, Chuong Nguyen, Matt Adcock, Jay Bradley, Matthew Morell, and David R. Lovell

Salton Sea Revisited: An Aesthetic Study of Realtime Lapse, Xarene Eskander

TYPE + CODE II: A Code Driven Typography, Yeohyun Ahn and Ge Jin

Time Giver: An Installation of Collective Expression using Mobile PPG and EEG in the AlloSphere, Yuan-Yi Fan, F. Myles Sciotto, and JoAnn Kuchera-Morin

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Angus Forbes, University of Arizona

Lauren Thorson, University of Iowa