VISAP'15 Schedule

Data Improvisations Exhibition Opening
Tuesday, October 27th, 7pm-9pm, LeRoy Neiman Gallery

Featuring 11 installations, 10 demos, and 1 live coding perfomance.

Installations by: Kevin Badni, Donna Cox, Benedikt Groß, Haru Ji, Eduardo Kac, Scott Kildall, Joey Lee, Ben Ridgway, Dan Sandin, Emilio Vavarella, Graham Wakefield, Jo Wood, and Rebecca Ruige Xu.

Live coding perfomance by: Charlie Roberts

Demonstrations by: Meng Chih Chiang, Bruce Campbell, Pauline De Chalendar, Linda Deck, Samuel Degrande, Gershon Dublon, Julie Freeman, Laurent Grisoni, Roland Haring, Peter Holzkorn, Andreas Jalsovec, Kurt Kaminski, Julie Lein, QianSheng Li, Michael Mayr, Brian Mayton, Shannon McMullen, Nicolas Naveau, Dietmar Offenhuber, Emiko Ogawa, Joseph Paradiso, Francesca Samsel, and Fabian Winkler

“Creative Challenges at the Intersections of Visualization Research and New Media Arts”
Wednesday, October 28th, 1pm-2pm, LeRoy Neiman Gallery

Panelists: Eduardo Kac, Donna Cox, Dan Sandin, and Jo Wood

Moderators: Angus Forbes, Daria Tsoupikova

Papers Track, Session 1
Wednesday, October 28th, 10:30am-12:10pm, Palmer House

long paper presentations

Wrongfully Right: An Exploration of Figurative Metaphors in Visualization
Pedro Cruz

Endogenous Biologically-Inspired Visualization Immersed within an Art of Complex Systems
Haru Ji and Graham Wakefield

Climate Prisms: The Arctic - Connecting Climate Research and Climate Modeling via the Language of Art
Francesca Samsel, Linda Deck, and Bruce Campbell

artist talks

Charlie Roberts

Aerial Bold
Joey Lee and Benedikt Gross

Sorting Out Cities
Dietmar Offenhuber

Papers Track, Session 2
Thursday, October 29th, 10:30am-12:10pm, Palmer House

long paper presentations

A Concise Taxonomy for Describing Data as an Art Material
Julie Freeman, Geraint Wiggins, Gavin Starks, and Mark Sandler

Ambiguous Topology: From Interactive to Pro-active Spatial Environments
Jia-Rey Chang, Nimish Biloria, and Dieter Vandoren

artist talks

Selected Projects
Dan Sandin

Fabian Winkler and Shannon McMullen

Natural Rejection
Kurt Kaminski

Space is the Place
Brett Balogh