IEEE VIS 2014 Arts Program

VISAP'14 Art+Interpretation

November 9th-14th
Paris, France

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VISAP'13 Art+Experiment

VISAP'14 Schedule

Papers 1, W 8:30am-10:10am, Auditorium

What Public Visualization Can Learn from Street Art
Sandy Claes and Andrew Vande Moere

Analogy and Conceptual Blending are Part of a Visualization Toolkit for Artists and Scientists
Jack Ox

Painting with Flow
Corinna Vehlow, Fabian Beck, and Daniel Weiskopf

Expressive Cartography and the Aesthetics of Public Visualization
Patricio Davila, Dave Colangelo, Maggie Chan, and Robert Tu

PhysicSpace: From Quantum to Human Scale
Kevin Walker and Karin von Ompteda

(20 minute coffee break)

Papers 2, W 10:30am-12:10pm, Auditorium

Beyond Data: Abstract Motionscapes as Affective Visualization
Chao Feng, Lyn Bartram, and Diane Gromala

Staging Data Visualization Installations in Physical Locations
George Legrady and Angus Forbes

Node-Ring Graph Visualization Clears Edge Congestion
Katayoon Etemad, Sheelagh Carpendale, and Faramarz Samavati

The Living Canvas: Interactive Chloroplasts
Margaret Dolinsky and Roger Hangarter

Visualization on Spherical Displays: Challenges and Opportunities
Karla Vega, Eric Wernert, Patrick Beard, Cassandre Gniady, David Reagan, Michael Boyles, Chris Eller


Art Show Opening, W 6pm-8pm, Forums GHIJ

Featuring the work of: George Legrady, Roderick Coover, Scott Rettberg, Daria Tsoupikova, Kate McLean, Till Nagel, Fabian Winkler, Shannon McMullen, William Fairbrother, Chin-En Soo, Danny Bazo, Benedikt Groß, Kim Albrecht, Marian Dörk, Boris Müller, Muhammad Hafiz Wan Rosli, Mercedes Gimeno-Segovia, Ryan McGee, Joshua Dickinson, Andres Cabrera, Arthur Nishimoto, Jung Nam, Daniel Keefe, and Kyungho Lee.

Guided Tours of Art Show, Tu and Th 5:30pm-6:30pm, Forums GHIJ

VISAP artists will also be present to discuss their work on Tuesday and Thursday evening after the last VIS paper sessions of the day.

Kate McLean's Smellwalk Paris, Th 11am-12pm, meet in front of Forums GHIJ

Kate McLean will lead a group of ~12 people throughout Paris, near the conference. A smellwalk is a mapping experience, actively foregrounding the sense of smell over vision as an alternative strategy for exploring a world that we think we know. Contact Kate at the Art Show opening on Wednesday evening, or email her at


IEEE VIS 2014 Arts Program
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