VISAP'16 Schedule

The VIS Arts Program is comprised of four seperate events: an arts and design exhibition, two paper sessions, and a panel discussion. Conference events will be located on the 2nd Floor of the Hilton Baltimore Hotel, connected to the Baltimore Convention Center, and take place within the IEEE VIS conference during the fourth week of October, 2016.

Metamorphoses Exhibition Opening
Tuesday, October 25th, 6:30pm-9pm, Baltimore Convention Center, Holiday 1+2+3

Installations by: Dietmar Offenhuber; Jessica Parris Westbrook and Adam Trowbridge; Till Nagel and Christopher Pietsch, Mark Stock; Mike Richison; Paul Heinicker; Esteban Garcia Bravo, Maxwell Carlson, Aaron Zernack, and Jorge Garcia; Yoon Chung Han and Shankar Tiwari; François-Joseph Lapointe; Mitch Goodwin and Clement Fay; Tom Corby and Gavin Baily; Duncan Clark, Robin Houston, and Tristan Smith; Weili Shi; Sebastian Lay, Jo Vermeulen, Charles Perin, Eric Donovan, Raimund Dachselt, and Sheelagh Carpendale; Benedikt Groß, Raphael Reimann, and Philipp Schmitt.

Demonstrations by: Brett Balogh; Kristoffer Ørum, Anders Bojen, Marcin Ignac, David Gauthier, and RasmusErik Voel Jensen; Bon Adriel Aseniero, Charles Perin, Marjan Eggermont, and Sheelagh Carpendale; Jan-Erik Stange; Catarina Maçãs and Penousal Machado.

Visit to Maryland Institute of Contemporary Arts (MICA)
Tuesday, October 25th, 12:30pm-2pm, meet outside hotel at 12:15pm.

Join MICA and the IEEE VIS 2016 Arts Program for a field trip to MICA’s campus in the heart of Baltimore’s Station North Arts & Entertainment District. MICA MPS Information Visualization alumni, Samantha French will give a brief presentation of her internship project, A Collaborative Super Intelligence, with Johns Hopkins University’s Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute (HEMI). Participants will then stroll over to tour MICA’s dFab, or Digital Fabrication Studios, a state of the art facility that houses 3D printers, laser cutters, computer-controlled milling machines, 3D scanners, and other equipment that allows students to integrate digital modeling and control into fabricated objects. Lunch will be provided and MICA's shuttle will take participants to the campus and back to the hotel. (Limited to 20 participants.)

Organizer: Heather Bradbury, Director of the MPS in Information Visualization

Papers Track, Session 1
Wednesday, October 26th, 8:30am-10:10am, Holiday 6
Session chair: Angus Forbes

paper presentations

California Drought Impact: Multimodal Data Representation to Predict the Water Cycle
Yoon Chung Han and Shankar Tiwari

All Roads to Rome: Visualizing Mobility at Scale
Raphael Reimann, Benedikt Groß, and Philipp Schmitt

Altering our Perception of Smartphones through Noise: Introducing the Affection Research Lab
Salvador Orara

Shan Shui in the World: A Generative Approach to Traditional Chinese Landscape Painting
Weili Shi

artist talks

Paul Heinicker

Mineral Machine Music
Mitch Goodwin

Papers Track, Session 2
Thursday, October 27th, 8:30am-10:10am, Holiday 6
Session chair: Fanny Chevalier

paper presentations

Staged Analysis: From Evocative to Comparative Visualizations of Urban Mobility
Till Nagel, Christopher Pietsch, and Marian Dörk

Glitch style visualization of disrupted neuronal connectivity in Parkinson’s disease
Tim McGraw

Glitches as a Generative Design Process
Romain Vuillemot and Samuel Huron

artist talks

Esteban Garcia and Maxwell Carlson

Chaotic Escape
Mark J. Stock

Sebastian Lay



Panel Discussion on “Critical Visualization”
Friday, October 28th, 8:30am-10:10am, Holiday 6

Panelists: Marian Dörk, Jessica Hullman, Adam Trowbridge, Jessica Westbrook, Dietmar Offenhuber

Moderator: Angus Forbes