VISAP’17 Schedule

The VIS Arts Program is comprised of a series of events: an arts+design exhibition, two paper sessions, a visit to ASU’s School of Arts, Media and Engineering, and an interactive workshop with award winning information designer Giorigia Lupi. Conference events take place at the Phoenix Convention Center within the IEEE VIS conference during the first week of October, 2017.

Sustain & Decay Exhibition Opening
Tuesday, October 3rd, 6:30pm-9pm, Room 301-AB

Installations by: Giorgia Lupi and Accurat; Ozge Samanci; Wonyoung So, Carlo Ratti, Newsha Ghaeli, Xiaojiang Li, and Ian Seiferling; Adriene Jenik; Mauro Martino, Hendrik Strobelt, and Owen Cornec; Scottie Chih-Chieh Huang and Yu-Chun Huang; Philipp Schmitt; Tyler Starr; Clarissa Ribeiro, Mick Lorusso, and Herbert Rocha; Inhye Lee and Hyomin Kim; Pierre Amelot, John Hwong, and Kate McManus.

Performances by: Ryan McGee; Jeremy Muller.

Demonstrations by: Aseem Agarwal; Pedro Cruz; Jennifer Weiler and Kat Fowler; Kuno Kurzhals and Daniel Weiskopf; Stefan Reinhardt, Markus Huber, and Daniel Weiskopf; Yoon Chung Han; Marco Pinter; Mary Bates Neubauer; Ben Rydal Shapiro and Francis A. Pearman, II; João Marcos Maciel, Marília Lyra Bergamo, and Judd Bradbury; Manuela Garreton, Karina Hyland, and Denis Parra; Caralie Cedarleaf and Tucker Cedarleaf.

Papers Track, Session 1
Wednesday, October 4th, 8:30am-10:10am, Room 101-ABC
Session chair: Jeremy Boy

paper presentations

Adapted Dorling Cartogram on Wage Inequality in Portugal
Pedro Cruz

Understanding People's Interaction with Neural Sci-Art
Manuela Garreton, Karina Hyland, and Denis Parra

Visualizing Causes and Effects of California Sea Lion Unusual Mortality Event (UME)
Yoon Chung Han, Praful Surve, Subin Kim, and Josh Cuellar

artist talks

Forma Fluens: Abstraction, Simultaneity, and Symbolization in Crowd Sourced Drawings
Mauro Martino, Hendrik Strobelt, and Owen Cornec

Wonyoung So

Ryan McGee

Visit to the Arts, Media, & Engineering's Synthesis Center at ASU
Wednesday, October 4th, 12:30pm-2:00pm, Meet outside of the Phoenix Convention Center.

The ASU School of Arts, Media, & Engineering's Synthesis Center fuses practices from the humanities, engineering, science, and the arts to make our world richer not more complicated. It serves as a place where making, experiencing, investigating and reflecting on a phenomenon occur simultaneously. Directed by Sha Xin Wei, Synthesis hosts faculty-led projects with international teams that take fresh approaches to understand how the combination of professional practices can lead to innovative modes of knowledge.

The visit to ASU is limited to 15 guests; lunch is included. Please sign up by clicking here.

Organizers: Hilary Harp and Byron Lahey, Arizona State University

Papers Track, Session 2
Thursday, October 5th, 8:30am-10:10am, Room 101-ABC
Session chair: Angus Forbes

paper presentations

Fiber Optic Ocean: Merging Media for Data Representation
Ozge Samanci and Adam Snyder

Using the Interaction Geography Slicer to Visualize New York City Stop & Frisk
Ben Rydal Shapiro and Francis A. Pearman, II

3D Visualization of Genetic Networks Using Diverse Art Materials
Jennifer Weiler and Kat Fowler

artist talk

Vijks: Hidden Dimensions
Pierre Amelot, John Hwong, and Kate McManus

invited talk

Information-Scrambling and Perspectival Distortion
Meredith Hoy

Dear Data Studio with Giorgia Lupi
Thursday, October 5th, 4:15pm-5:55pm, Room 103-A

VISKids and VISAP jointly present a special event with the VIS capstone speaker Giorgia Lupi, an award winning information designer who co-founded and is design director of the data-driven design firm Accurat. Giorgia is co-author of Dear Data, an inspirational hand-drawn data visualization book. She brings the spirit of this book to VIS in a live participatory visualization session. Giorgia will guide participants through the process of manually visualizing data through drawing, following the visual language of different abstract paintings.